Ignorant People by FUZI
Ignorant People by FUZI
Ignorant People by FUZI

Ignorant People is an international lifestyle brand
founded by French artist FUZI .

In the mid-1990s, FUZI  pioneered a form of graffiti known as Ignorant Style, and in 2008, he took his designs to people’s skins. “I wanted to make tattoos in the same way that I made graffiti,” he explains. “I wanted to convey a feeling of freedom, which is far more important than making something beautiful or perfect.” He has since tattooed clients such as Os Gemeos, Diplo, Justice, Kavinsky and Scarlett Johansson, and has had events and exhibitions in London, Paris, Stockholm, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Taiwan and Los Angeles, among many other cities.

He has appeared in publications such as Complex, Juxtapoz, Acclaim, Inked, Purple, Hypebeast, Sang Bleu and Bullet, and was featured in a documentary on Arte, the largest arts and culture TV network in Europe. He is the author of seven books: Ma Ligne, Flash Tattoo Collection N°1, Post-Apocalyptic Bestiary, Devoration, Alphabet city, Flash Tattoo Collection N°2 and Quartiers Gitans de Perpignan and two comic books. 

In addition to managing Ignorant People and his fine art career, FUZI  also collaborates with individuals and brands as an art director, consultant and illustrator.

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